These guidelines (“Guidelines”) apply to any use of the My Beauty Guide App and Website. In the Guidelines, we refer to the users of our App and Website as “you”, “your” and “yours”.

1. When can you write a review?

1.1 You can write a review of a product on My Beauty Guide if you:
1.1.1 has purchased or received a product from a company (“Company”) or in other ways, use or test a product (hereinafter referred to as “experience”).
1.2 You must only write about your own personal experience. It is not allowed to write a review of another person’s experience, such as a family member or a friend’s experience.
1.3 In order to write a review on My Beauty Guide App you must have a user profile and a user account. You can create a user profile with your Facebook login or create a user profile using your mail account. You must have only one user profile and user account. The user account and profile must be associated with an actual email address, which we can use to get in direct contact with you.

2. What should you write about?

2.1 Your review should address your experience of the product.
2.2 Your review should reflect your own experience of the product. We encourage you to be specific and factual and suggest that you include relevant information about your experience, such as the results, the fragrance, the consistency and other useful information you think would be relevant to other users.
2.3 Our App and Website are reserved for product reviews and constructive contributions to articles in the BeautyFeed.
2.4 If you have received the product for free or been offered an incentive to write the review, you shall state this explicitly in the beginning of your review. Incentives include that the Company offers you a gift, a reward, a discount or an advantage to write a review of the Company on our App and Website.

3. When can you edit your review?

3.1 You can update or edit your review at any time. Just touch the “Edit” button on the right side next to your review.

4. When do we ask you to change your review?

4.1 We will never censor, monitor or moderate reviews on our App or Website, neither before or after they are published. However, we have two simple precautions:
4.1.1 We run automatic checks for certain types of content that are not allowed in reviews such as gross language and links.
4.1.2 We would like to hear from you if you experience inappropriate, offensive or products outside of the Beauty category in the App or on the Web site. You can simply write an email to us at and alert us to the issue.
4.2 If you have uploaded a review that doesn’t adhere to the Guidelines, you may be asked to change your review, if we have discovered or been informed, that your review contains any of the following:
4.2.1 Your review contains language that is accusatory or may reasonably be regarded as provocative, contains injurious statements or otherwise violates our Guidelines or applicable law.
4.2.2 Your review contains violent or gross language or is gender discriminatory or racist.
4.2.3 The content of your review appears to be based solely on ethical, political and / or value-based attitudes as opposed to an experience,
4.2.4 Your review contains personal information about another individual, including another person’s name, address, phone number, email address, credit card information or other information that may be used to track, identify, contact or personalize another person,
4.2.5 Your review contains sales references (including links) to other companies or websites.
4.2.6 Your review contains personal email addresses or links.

5. When do we remove your review?

5.1 As a starting point, we do not remove reviews from our App and Website.
5.2 We, however, reserve the right to remove reviews that we consider to violate these Guidelines, our Terms of Use: and/or applicable laws or reviews that are inappropriate in an online community. Examples of when we remove your review include, but are not limited to:
5.2.1 We ask you to change your review and you will not change it within the given timeframe.
5.2.2 Your review violates the rights of other persons or companies, including intellectual property, privacy, confidentiality and / or personal rights.
5.2.3 Your review resembles marketing or is intended to promote something.
5.2.4 You are employed by (or working for) the company you have reviewed a product for and it is clear that the review is biased because of your employment.
5.2.5 You have created multiple profiles to review the same product multiple times.
5.2.6 We need to delete your user profile (see section 7 below), which automatically causes the review(s) associated with your profile to be deleted as well.
5.3 We reserve the right to remove or edit your review if the product you have reviewed is changed or updated (i.e. with new ingredients) but has retained the same barcode as it should be visible to other users that the product is updated compared to earlier reviews.

6. When do we block your account and what does it mean?

6.1 We will block your account if you abuse our App or Website. For example, if you show threatening or infringing behavior (see section 7 below), spam our App and Website with marketing material or violate the Guidelines or our Terms of Use.
6.2 If we block your account, you will not be able to sign in to the App or Website and you cannot use our services, including writing reviews. Your user profile will be deleted and your reviews will remain online under the name of “Deleted User”.

7. When do we delete your user profile?

7.1 We reserve the right to delete your profile if we believe you violate or have violated our Guidelines, Terms of Service and / or applicable laws or if your profile is offensive or inappropriate.
7.2 Examples of when we delete your user profile include, but are not limited to:
7.2.1 Your profile is not associated with a valid email address, including if the specified email address has expired or can no longer be accessed by you. It is necessary that you sign up for our services using a permanent, personal email address as we may need to get in touch with you. This means that we do not accept the use of temporary e-mail addresses or e-mail addresses for one-time use. If you have used such an email to create your account, we will delete your user profile and account.
7.2.2 Your user profile contains an offensive or inappropriate image or username.
7.2.3 Your user profile abuses our App and Website.
7.2.4 You have created multiple user profiles. You must only have a single user profile on My Beauty Guide. If you create more than one profile, we ask you which profile you want to keep and delete the other profile(s). If you do not return to us within a given timeframe, we will delete all but one profile at our sole discretion.
7.3 If your user profile is deleted, the reviews associated with that user profile will be replaced with the name “Deleted User” – if the reviews comply with our guidelines.

8. When do we move your review from one product to another? Or refreshes image of a product.

8.1 As a rule of thumb we do not move reviews from one product to another or replace created images.
8.2 However, if the product’s manufacturer, distributor, marketing officer or another user notifies us that your review has been submitted for the wrong product, we will initially ask you which product you intended to review. If you submitted your review to the wrong product, we will move your review to the right product’s review page on our App and Website.
8.3 We also reserve the right to replace your image of the product – if a partnership agreement has been entered into with a manufacturer or distributor for the renewal of images – for example, to have better image quality or if the product has received new packaging or design.

9. Do you have questions?

9.1 We would always like to hear from you and you can always contact us at

10. Changes to these Guidelines

10.1 From time to time and without notice, we may change these Guidelines.